Welcome to the Vintage HiFi and Stereo Equipment Blog (VHFSE)

Me -1960I grew up listening to music in the golden age of stereo gear, the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. When I was given a brand new Garrard SP25 Mk III for my fifteenth birthday in 1970, I rushed out and bought Led Zeppelin II . I’ve never stopped loving either the music or the audio equipment from that amazing era. I  may not own an Mp3 player, but do I own a ton of records and tapes – and man, do they still sound awesome on old gear!

Over the years I have owned, repaired, restored, sold and donated several tons of audio equipment ranging from elegant mid-Century modern valve/tube radiograms to brutally powerful “monster” receivers engineered and crafted in Japan during the late 1970’s. I’ve owned classic British audio gear by Linn, Meridian, Rogers, KEF and Arcam, wonderful American speakers by Advent, EFI, Klipsch and Japanese, Swiss and German masterpieces by Nakamichi, Sony, Sansui, Pioneer, Yamaha, Thorens, Studer, Revox and Lenco, to name but a few.

Then I have been collecting records since 1970 and am still “filling in the gaps” and even discovering artists from the golden era for the first time. Even a collection like mine containing several thousand albums is merely the tip of the iceberg from the sixties and seventies. I’m not sure anyone has every tried to count the number of albums released in those two decades–even on the ten biggest labels you must be talking six figures, maybe seven–who knows?

So there’s plenty to occupy these pages. I will post about the equipment and the music from the golden age of stereo and about the crazy, passionate people who collect vintage audio for all kinds of reasons. It’s about having fun, not about one-upmanship, and I’m no audio snob.

So I hope you’ll enjoy the stuff I share.

Rock on!